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okayokay well. i cant bare to delete this blog (since it will delete everything including my mod blog and the amount of likes and reblogs i have-) i am going to just let this blog rot here uwu ehheh..

i will not associate myself with this blog anymore cept for my mod/reblogging blog.
we will all still be in contact alright? ;v; I have just created a new blog solely for my art and cosplay. I will link it up on this blog alrighties? you dont have to follow it, but im just letting you guys know, that well, i am still on tumblr! >w>



um im sorry but, i dont really do mlp art anymore(i still do! but not that much ;q;) and my ask box’s kinda dead, and i doodle alot of fandoms but i dont really post them here because im too afraid ill have too much mod post (and my mod blog is kinda useless cause i use it to only reblog XD)

so if you guys dont mind, im turning this blog into an all art blog okay? You can ask me stuff and i may reply you guys with doodles but as a mod, not sabby pony, well depending on the question that is-

please unfollow me if you follow me cause of my mlp art and is not really int in any of my other art and stuff 

and yes ill change my url pretty soon too so i hope you guys understand! 

ask-maplepony-deactivated201306: Sabbybab, your art is wonderful just the way you draw it. *hugs* Don't let negative vibes get you down, okay? You gorgeous dame you. <3

;;Q;;  mapuuuu- //hugs and never let go//

i-ill try my b-best.